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Provide an address where we can send correspondence.
For example, holding company for investments.
A name reservation with the BC government is required to complete the incorporation process. It is valid for 56 days.
Please ensure that your reserved name contains a distinctive element followed by a descriptive element. Corporate names must end with a corporate designation, such as Ltd., Corp., or Inc.
This can be your home, your office, or our office. Annual reports and various resolutions are required to be signed and filed each year. As your registered and records office, we prepare and send these documents to you and do the necessary filings. Our fees are $200 per year plus govt. filing fee and taxes (approximately $250)
Delivery and Mailing Address of Registered and Records Office.
Delivery and Mailing Address of Registered and Records Office.
The corporation's registered office address is where the corporation is located and available to the public during statutory business hours. Any and all government notices and documents will be mailed to this address.
An Incorporator is responsible for organizing the new corporation and must also become a shareholder of at least one share.
Include name, address (residential or business), and number and class of shares taken.
Include name, address (residential or business), and number and class of shares taken
A director is elected by either the incorporators or the shareholders of a corporation to conduct the affairs of the corporation. There must be at least one director.
If so, provide the name(s) and delivery/mailing address.
An officer generally performs management functions for the corporation. He or she is appointed and reports to the directors of the corporation.
Include the name(s), position (president, treasurer, secretary), and delivery/mailing address.
All corporations have shares that represent units of ownership of the corporation. You need to issue at least one voting common share. A basic incorporation with 1 director and 1 shareholder generally has unlimited common shares without par value.
Set out whether you want a maximum authorized number of shares or unlimited number, the class of shares, whether the shares will be par value or no par value and any special rights and restrictions. For example, they may be unlimited common shares without par value, voting, participating, without special rights and restrictions or other shares with special rights and restrictions.
Provide the name, address, and telephone number.
The articles contain the rules and regulations governing the operation of the corporation.